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Famously, we love to say kids are our future. Fine. I agree with that. Seems almost too obvious to say sometimes, but lots of things that feel like that are still worth saying.

But I think it’s an important point to point out that they’re also our best lens on the present as well. What I mean is kids have no interest or ability to filter their version of how they feel for you.

So while you say you’re “okay” when you mean “crushed into dust this week” or you say “good” when you mean “I’m not going to cry right now, but that’s all I can promise,” kids will just tell you. So sometimes, if your family has had a stressful week, they’re the only ones who will be honest about how they AND YOU FEEL TOO.

So listen to them. Not for them. For your temperature gauge on how you’re holding up.

This morning my daughter was giddy with excitement to go to school. She was skipping. But when we got there, she sighed and said dad, I’m just tired.

That’s probably how I feel. But when you ask I’ll say “good.” They're both true. Just keep them both in mind.

Hi, I’m Sam Rolens, chief of communications for Santa Cruz City Schools with your weekly news. And this week, our main story is this:

Please take 4 minutes to sign up for free lunch. I know, it’s free either way. And I know, your student may not eat it often.

But here’s the weird thing: our funding for food programs, math programs, writing programs, counseling programs and more, is tied in part to participating in this application.

See in this private, brief, form we ask you to fill out the number of people in your house and an estimate of household income. We don’t get that demographic data any other way, and we need a certain number of responses to qualify for our full funding.

Please help your school stay fully funded by taking - and I’m not exaggerating - four minutes to fill it out at link number 1. It’s so quick. Please Help keep your school funded by Signing up for free food!

We are still accepting entries for our Hispanic Heritage Month Essay and Art Contest. They have started to come in and we’re so excited for students to be participating so personally in this incredible heritage month. Enter our Hispanic Heritage Month Essay & Art Contest (Concurso del Mes de la Herencia Hispana)

And speaking of Hispanic Heritage Month, Santa Cruz City Schools was so proud to take part in the Fiestas Patrias event downtown last weekend. Presented by our partners at Senderos and featuring Santa Cruz City Schools students, the event was a welcoming celebration of cultures from across Latin America.

If you want to get involved in Senderos programs like the Centeotl Danza y Baile or the Ensamble Musical, or just learn more about Senderos which has been lifting up Santa Cruz families for 20 years, you can learn more about Senderos.

I mentioned last week our Student Trustees, the high school students who serve on the board of education to provide student perspective. Well, we are happy to be putting together a student advisory council, where student leaders from all secondary schools will have the opportunity to meet regularly with the Superintendent to share student perspectives and inform district decision-making. Currently, we still have openings for students at Branciforte Middle, Mission Hill Middle, Harbor High Costanoa High and the Ark. If your student might be interested, they can find the application info right here.

Remember to see our interactive Facilities Master Plan to review past and future Bond work.

And now, we find we are still celebrating our continuing opening up, and our continuing return to more normal school days. This year, that means we’re going on more field trips, and getting our hands dirty. Teachers at the B40 beach cleanup field trip this week with Save our Shores said the trip to the beach wasn’t a walk, it was a parade.

A parade to the beach during a school day to grow your relationship to your local environment is a good reminder how good it is to grow up in Santa Cruz. But don’t take my word for it, see the feature here.

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