Transcript: 12.16.22 News Video

Welcome to the last update of the year.

The story of winter is the same every year, even on our northern end of this little bay where morning frost is thin and we enjoy a “mild” cold. The story of winter is one that’s older than the written word: of receding into home and family, into quiet and rest.

It makes sense. As the living world around us winds down, we wind down with it. And in the colder, darker days, we seek to take care of ourselves and each other.

And we want to help. The page this week is full of links to help you navigate an unusually severe set of winter illnesses. COVID is doing its winter uptick, and RSV is a rough strain that’s packing urgent cares and emergency rooms.

Here, you can see a prevention toolkit from our friends at public health. It has videos and resources to help you keep your family healthy this winter.

We are once again sharing information on the Inspire clinics with whom we partner to offer free COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.

We’re also sharing info on free clinics where you can also get tested for 2 common flu’s and COVID in Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Felton.

It’s funny really - our lives are so full of so many things every day, and we’re always moving and planning into distraction that when COVID-19 started up, they had to remind us all how to properly wash our hands.

It’s one of the many things we know how to do but rarely actually take the time to fully do.

It’s one of those things where the smallest decision—a mask in a crowded room, coughing into your elbow, washing your hands one more time—can make the difference between a restful restorative holiday break and a miserable, stressful “how-can-that-have-been-my-whole-vacation” fiasco.

Make time for the test, the extra layer, the shot, the full hand wash, and come back to us healthy and rested in a new year.

Last year I shared one of my favorite words, a danish word, hygge: the indulgence of comfort in the times of cold and dark. From the old norse, it’s the root of the English hug. I just like to bring it up to remind you to not only stay healthy, but cosy and indulged this winter.

And I’m so happy to not have to say “I hope you had a great term” because I’ve been lucky enough to be there to see how wonderful it’s been to have the normalest school year in years.

And all the joys of being out, of being together, of being kids: exploring, wondering, trying and failing and trying; congratulations on a great year. So here’s to health and holiday and hygge, until we the start the next one together.

See our celebration of a wonderful Fall Semester right here.

Have a great weekend and then last week and then break.

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