New Elementary Attendance Boundaries

Over the last several years, our elementary schools have been declining in enrollment. In June, stakeholders from each of our elementary schools and the Branciforte Small Schools campus formed a task force to make recommendations about the use of facilities and resources given our changing student population. The following Guiding Principles were used during the process:

  • Protect and preserve all of our learning communities and minimize disruptions as much as possible
  • Optimize staffing and support resources commensurate to student enrollment to best serve our students and be responsible to our community
  • Ensure families are able to go to the school in their neighborhood
  • Strategically utilize the $68 million elementary facilities bond to repair and renovate existing buildings, replacing portables as needed and modify our facilities master plan as necessary

The task force recommended re-drawing attendance boundaries as a potential solution. It was agreed that an Elementary Redistricting Committee be formed to make recommendations for changing all elementary district boundaries to better balance school enrollment.  The committee convened on three separate occasions, during which the public was welcome to attend. The meeting dates were September 12, September 16, and October 3, 2019. Members of the committee included a wide variation of stakeholders, including parent leaders from ELAC, PTC, and Site Council, elementary teachers, support staff, and principals.

The committee participated in a process that included the following:

  • Review of demographic data, enrollment history and enrollment projections
  • Development of boundary maps to balance enrollment 
  • Evaluation of ten different boundary maps for their advantages and challenges
  • Identification of a new boundary map that best balances enrollment and maximizes facilities, support staffing and other resources to ensure thriving neighborhood schools

In evaluating each of the proposed maps, the committee considered the following criteria: 

  • Balancing enrollment into the future
  • Walking routes that consider student safety
  • Maintaining neighborhoods for the comprehensive elementary schools
  • Natural geographical boundaries
  • Traffic/Environmental impact
  • Minimizing disruptions as much as possible

The committee unanimously agreed that our current boundaries do not best serve our school district.  See below for information on our current boundaries and projected enrollment.

Current Boundaries Projected Enrollment





Bay View

353 - 354

299 - 280

287 - 271


534 - 550

549 - 624

519 - 607


571 - 580

597 - 634

575 - 626


317 - 326

278 - 330

263 - 325

Current Attendance Boundary Map (Click to Enlarge)

At the final meeting, members of the committee voted on the solution below, which they felt best met the evaluation criteria. The overwhelming consensus of the committee was to recommend Map Solution 4.

Solution 4 Boundaries Projected Enrollment





Bay View

472 – 477

442 - 441

424 - 427


458 – 472

453 – 511

427 - 499


456 – 464

453 – 481

433 - 473


388 – 398

376 – 437

362 - 430

Map of Solution 4 (Click to Enlarge)

IMPORTANT FACTS about implementation of the new boundary map:

  • Current District families will not be disrupted by this change -- all current families will be able to stay at their current school, including younger siblings not yet in school
  • Open enrollment and schools of choice will remain an option in addition to our neighborhood schools

    The committee recommendation was presented to the Board of Education at the Board Meeting on Wednesday, October 16, 2019, for first reading. The recommendation to approve Map Solution 4 was be brought before the Board again at the meeting on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at the County Office of Education. The community had the opportunity to comment on the recommendation. The Board approved the recommendation to approve Map Solution 4. 

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