English Language Instruction

Santa Cruz City Schools offers a range of services to English Language Learners and their families.

Our programs work to ensure that all English Learners are provided with an English Language Development program and make one year of growth in ELD each year, as measured by the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California(ELPAC). All English Learners are provided with access to the core curriculum. They have access to the same coursework, materials and instruction as other students and the instructional program and method of instruction should ensure that they comprehend the instruction and make progress toward grade level proficiency in both English and other core content areas (math, science, and social studies).

Initial Identification of English Learners

All students who answer with a language other than English on questions 1-3 on the Home Language Survey (HLS) are automatically considered English Learners until a different designation is established through assessments such as the state mandated 'ELPAC' (Previously CELDT).

ELPAC Initial Parent Notification / Notificacion Inicial de Padres
More information about the ELPAC can be found on our Curriculum webpage(Link). 

Ensuring Proper Placement

At both the elementary and secondary level, students' scores on the ELPAC (and other factors) are taken into consideration in order to ensure that students are placed in the appropriate level of English Language Development (ELD) class.

Monitoring of EL Progress

All English Learners are monitored for progress toward achievement of proficiency in English and in other content areas. Progress is monitored through assessment and the Language Review Team to monitor the progress of every English Learner.

Contact Information

To request ELPAC/CELDT Scores, please email Eugenia Robles at [email protected].

Curriculum, Intervention, and Assessments 831-429-3410
Shannon Calden, Director of Elementary  Ext 48243
Julia Hodges, Director of Secondary  Ext 48242
Sara Jakl, Administrative Assistant
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