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Welcome to the Maintenance and Grounds Department!

Welcome to Maintenance & GroundsAs an integral part of the larger professional learning community of the district, we take pride in our commitment to creating and maintaining campus environments that are welcoming, safe and comfortable to support the school experience.

We don't run a check-box approach to our schools, our classrooms, our gardens or any of our learning spaces. We've built a team that takes pride in their investment in our schools. We encourage our team to take ownership in their work, finding improvement, new use or beautification as well as our "maintenance" work.

From finding and replanting flower bed in an unloved spot on campus to swapping a squeaky hinge without being asked, we make sure our team is able to look for and choose their own lasting contributions to the living picture of our school days.

Sure, the grass never stops growing. But beyond that, our maintenance team takes time to make sure our 172 acres of land, 10 school sites and ever-growing number of classrooms operations facilities and administrative offices aren't just maintained—they're home.

After Hours Emergency Phone Number: 831-621-3354

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What's New?

Maintenance fleet going GREEN

We have been slowly updating the maintenance fleet to be more economical as well as more environmentally friendly. Replacing large V8 trucks with more appropriate service vans.  Advanced safety equipment like rear view cameras, hands-free smartphone connections, and air bags reduce the likelihood of driving accidents. We started to review how the age of the fleet affects many things. We looked at our trucks’ safety obsolescence in addition to their economic obsolescence — determining it’s just as important to replace an older truck for safety benefits as it is for economic and environmental reasons.

Using just the fuel savings -

F250 V8 trucks- CO2 produced  1.87 kg per mile approx. versus

Connect Van CO2 produced 0.44 kg per mile approx.

At 5,160 miles a year minimum by that’s a saving of 7,379 kg. With 5 vehicles swapped out for average of 3 years that’s 110,685 kg’s of CO2  saved.

That’s adds up to  111 tons of CO2 saved so far with more to come.

As electric trucks become available they will be inserted into the fleet and as the smaller vans become available in electric in a few years our van fleet will also be electric and be charged off our own solar panels!


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