Delaveaga Elementary

DeLaveaga's New Parking Area keeps cars off neighborhood curbs and water in the aquifer.DeLaveaga Bond Map ComparisonDeLaveaga New Classroom building progressNew classroom building openSchool-wide modernizations including front entrance, hallways & library

DeLaveaga was built in 1969 & serves 470 students.

In 2016, after almost 20 years without a Bond investment, the school was facing urgent infrastructure needs. Teachers, students, staff, parents & neighbors prioritized new technology infrastructure, new classroomsshaded play areas, a new stage/performance space & an expanded, resurfaced parking & drop-off area.

Bond Progress reportsThe project further included classroom & building modernizations,
new electrical & data infrastructureremoval of portables
expansion of parking lot and general modernizations
& refurbishments.



Built: 6 New Classrooms

A new wing classrooms replace aging portables with energy efficient & spacious learning environments with the same upgraded ventilation, insulation and technological infrastructure with which we modernized existing classrooms.

Built: New Parking & Water Retention Area

To provide staff parking, easier & safer pick-up & drop-off, we built a new & expanded parking access area with permeable surfaces & a green bio swale retention pond for better water stewardship.

Done Built: 6 new classrooms

Done Modernized: 2 Wings of Campus
Done Removed: Some Portable Buildings
Done Installed: New playground shades
Done Expanded: Parking, bus & drop-off area
Done Upgraded: School-wide HVAC Systems

> Site Bond Committee Members
> Presentations, Updates & Reports
> Bond Facilities Master Plan

In Process
In Process Hallway refurbishments & design
In Process Library redesign
In Process Doorway awning remodels
In Process Remodeled Kindergarten playground
In Process Replace Multi-Purpose Room Floor
In ProcessRemove Remaining Portables

Postponed for Future Funding
Postponed New Running Track
Postponed New Multi-Purpose Room
Postponed Remove additional portables

Postponed Replace plumbing fixtures



At every school site, you'll see "Modernization" as a banner item. While it varies by site, this normally means:

New Network & Technological Infrastructure
New Efficient & Welcoming Lighting
Upgraded Ventilation & HVAC Systems
Interior Re-design & Beautification
Insulating Window Shades
New Environmentally Conscious Flooring
New Interactive Presentation Screens & Teaching Tools
New Sliding Whiteboards
Window Films to Boost Insulation & HVAC efficiency
(did you know studies show learning ability plummets in rooms over 75 degrees?)
New Cabinetry & Storage Solutions

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