Trustees Act to Support Immigrant Students

Trustees Act to Support Immigrant Students
Posted on 01/15/2018
SchoolhouseOn June 13, 2018, the Santa Cruz City Schools Board of Education adopted Board Policy 5145.13 Response to Immigration Enforcement.  This new policy reflects NEW LAW (AB 699) which mandates districts to adopt, by July 1, 2018, policy consistent with the model policy developed by the California Attorney General, including policy related to the district's response to requests by law enforcement for access to information, students, or school grounds for immigration enforcement purposes and actions to be taken in the event that a student's family member is detained or deported. Policy also reflects NEW LAW (SB 31) which prohibits districts from compiling or assisting federal government authorities with compiling a list, registry, or database based on students' national origin, ethnicity, or religion. 

New Policy Response to Immigration Enforcement

The new board policy further supports Resolution 14-16-17, In Support of Immigrant Students, adopted by the Trustees in December, 2016.

Resolution 14-16-17 in Support of Immigrant Students
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