Board of Education asks State to Accelerate Distribution of Prop 51 Funds

Board Seeks Acceleration of Prop. 51 Funds Distribution
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At the February 28, 2018 meeting of the Board of Education, your elected Trustees joined with the voices of other governing boards in the state to advocate for the accelerated distribution of Proposition 51 School Facilities funds through adopted Resolution 12-17-18.

State school construction and modernization bond funds, as authorized by Proposition 51, are matched with funds provided by local communities through the passing of local bonds (in Santa Cruz City Schools voters generously approved Measures A & B) and developer fees.

On November 8, 2016, voters of California passed Proposition 51 that authorized the State of California to sell $9 billion worth of statewide school facilities bonds. To date, the State has not sold all of the bonds for Proposition 51 funds and the current pace of school bond sales does not meet the outstanding facilities needs of school districts across the state.

The State of California is facing more than a $2.5 billion backlog in project applications filed by school districts seeking matching funds.

Delays by the State could deprive another generation of students access to safe school campuses that are built to meet their academic needs. School districts face rising construction costs the longer the State delays bond sales, which forces school districts and taxpayers to pay more for less.

Research demonstrates that quality school facilities have a positive impact on student academic performance, attendance and teacher job satisfaction.

For all of the reasons stated above, and more, the Santa Cruz City Schools Board of Education calls on the State of California to accelerate the pace and scale of Proposition 51 school bond sales in 2018 to honor the will of California voters.

Thank you Trustees Coonerty, Perez-Granados, Ranii, Shonick, Threet, Tracy-Proulx and Vestal.

Here is the resolution:
Resolution 12-17-18 in Support of Accelerating Distribution of Prop. 51 Funds

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