Superintendent Kris Munro

Kris Munro

It is my great pleasure and honor to serve as Santa Cruz City Schools' Superintendent and to welcome you to our website and the programs and people that it represents. I know of no school district in California with stronger community support or a stronger commitment to offering a rich and rigorous instructional program in academics and the arts, as well as  strong extra-curricular programs.  In addition to these wonderful programs, the professionals in Santa Cruz City Schools bring a deep commitment to creating learning communities that engage students' hearts and minds every day by ensuring all students are safe,known well and cared for by the adults on their campuses. Amazing things happen for students in our schools.  We encourage the public to visit and see the great things that are happening at every one of them. The Governing Board of Santa Cruz City Schools has adopted a set of strategic goals that guide decision making each year.  The goals are:

  • All Santa Cruz City School students will be prepared to successfully access post-secondary college and career opportunities.

  • SCCS will create positive, engaging school environments that promote the development of cognitive skills and the social emotional well-being of all students.

  • We will eliminate the achievement gaps that currently exist between demographic groups within the SCCS student community.

  • We will develop a highly collaborative, professional culture focused on supporting effective teaching.

  • SCCS will maintain a balanced budget and efficient and effective management.

  • SCCS will maintain strong communication and partnerships with its diverse community.

Each of these six goals is supported by a set of metrics (specific measurable targets) that are monitored for evidence of year-to-year progress.

The success of our schools is built upon the quality of our teachers and principals, and upon what happens in every classroom, every day.  Our district office and classified staffs are here to serve parents, students and teachers in support of teaching and learning. Funding for schools in California still remains much lower than most of the nation.  Despite news about new funding for schools, the new state Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) does not benefit our district like it does others.  In these times, our single greatest resource are the professionals in our schools, their passionate commitment to our students, and their willingness to collaborate with one another and with our community.

As our schools open this year, I encouraged our staff to consider the words of Andy Hargreaves, "good teaching . . . involves emotional work.  It is infused with pleasure, passion, creativity, challenge and joy."  I hope this school year is a joyful one for you and your child. 

Our district team is here to serve the community.  Pleasedo not hesitate to contact us with any question, concern or suggestion.
Kris Munro, Superintendent  429-3410 ext 220 
Nancy Lentz, Admin. Assistant  429-3410 ext 220

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